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Welcome to beliEVE tutoring. 

Hi!  I am Eve Trumpower, the owner of beliEVE tutoring.  I have known since I was 7 that I wanted to work with students and help them achieve their academic goals.  I have a Masters Degree in Education and an Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics.  I have been a teacher for twelve years and for ten or those years I taught middle and upper school math teacher at Vail Mountain School, an amazing private school in the Vail Valley.  

I decided to become a tutor full time so I could work with kids in a one-on-one or in a small group setting.  I am excited to work with students both in person and/or virtually to help them not only with their academics but also their study skills and executive functioning.  BeliEVE tutoring services is open year round for summer review or advancement and to support curriculums during the school year.

Please contact: to learn more about beliEVE tutoring and to see if it would be the perfect fit for your family.

What services do you offer?

My specialty is math, but I can help students in every subject!

Why beliEVE tutoring

I believe that every student can succeed in academics.  Some need more practice, some more time, and some need to be challenged or taught in different ways.  I have taught every type of student over my career in education and I know that creating a rapport with the student is the most helpful way to help them succeed.  Each child is different, so each learning plan will be different to best support the students.

Teaching students how to believe in themselves is also so important when they are struggling.  Giving the student more confidence in themselves helps strengthen their desire to move forward in the subject.

I have called the Vail Valley home since I was 16.  I attended the University of Colorado to earn my Masters in Education and taught in Denver for two years before deciding to move back home.  I am familiar with all the local curriculums but I am also well versed in the national curriculums so I can work with students anywhere.  I currently work with students in Colorado, on the East Coast, and even in Switzerland.

What do parents and students say?

"I cannot even begin to express my gratitude towards you. Because of you, Jacqueline has been able to succeed academically and socially. It has been incredible watching her in your classroom, going from someone who barely spoke in class, to someone who felt comfortable and confident enough to insert her voice often. It was your guidance and support that bolstered her." - Former student aid

"YOU are a GIFT to VMS!!!!"- Former Parent

"I really appreciate how helpful, supportive, and caring you have been throughout the school year. I cant think of a way to pay you back, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and celebrate with all of your loved ones." - Former Student

"Last night Gracie asked for a whiteboard for Christmas. When I asked what she wanted it for, she shared that she wants to be able to do her math homework with it because she loves the whiteboard desks at school. The girl is engaged in math!!! Please keep doing what you are doing with those 6th graders.... It's working for Gracie!! She really is loving 6th grade. Thank you so much!!!" - Former Parent

"You are such an amazing teacher!! I love how sweet and caring you are. Thank you so much for valuing my opinion and helping me in class. I hope you have an amazing day!" - Former Student

"Thank you so much for tutoring me for my math test. Even though I struggled a little on the multiple choice I had a perfect short answer question section to round out my test to a B! Not only did you help me tremendously, but you have been such a great help in the past few years and I know I can always come to you." - Former Student

"Nellie has made great strides in math and for the first time ever she feels confident in her abilities as a math student. Eve has been a rock star.  You are an amazing teacher, Eve and so great with the middle schoolers." - Former Parent


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